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The incandescent lamp, scourge of environmentalists and maintenance people alike, has continuously been losing favor in many applications with the development of fluorescent, HID and more recently LED light sources. One area where the venerable lamp still holds strong is in decorative lighting. More specifically, applications such as chandeliers or pendants where the lamp is visible and the warm pleasing glow of the tungsten filament can make us forget how much energy we are wasting to radiant heat.

Ushio Lighting has introduced a new LED retrofit lamp intended as a direct replacement for incandescent sources use in decorative fixtures. What sets apart from previous efforts for an LED retrofit lamp is the lack of high tech hardware such as heatsinks or electronic circuit boards that are typically visible in the lamp’s construction. Ushio’s product mimics the tungsten filament in both appearance and arrangement allowing light to shine in all directions without the use of a diffusing element. The “LED Filament Bulbs” are available in three variants, A C32 chandelier, G40 and G50 globes using E12 and E17 screw in bases. The lamps produce 18 lumens using only 0.6 watts and are rated at 20,000 hours. While these figures do not impress in comparison to modern high output LEDs, they are about 3 times more efficient, and last 10 times longer than the typical incandescent lamps they replace. Of course one of the advantages of incandescent technology is the ease of which they can be dimmed both increasing their life and decreasing the power usage. It is not clear whether these lamps have that ability.

Ushio LED filament; globe lamp (upper) chandelier lamp (lower)

Ushio LED filament; globe lamp (upper) chandelier lamp (lower)

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