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Mimosa is a piece of interactive light art by Jason Bruges studio comissioned by Phiips Lumiblade. According to the designer, the work was inspired by the Mimosa family of plants which change kinetically to suit their environmental conditions. The studio used individual OLEDs to form the light petals which open and close in response to [...]

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MIT student Natan Linder’s Edison based Luminar lamp  frees your computing pixels from boxes and tablets and places it anywhere you have a surface. A camera integrated camera allows the system to be aware of its environment and to accept commands via hand gestures through a projected interface. No longer is the desk lamp only [...]

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Scholarships and Design Competitions

Scholarships and Design Competitions Available to Lighting Students

Need help with that tuition bill?  How about room & board, or your books? No, I am not here to offer you a high-interest rate student loan.  What I have compiled is a list of the lighting industry’s well known scholarhip programs and design competitions available to students pursuing a career in lighting.  Use your [...]

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Robert Bruce Thompson Student Fixture Design Competition 2009

The winners of the 2009 Robert Bruce Thompson Student Fixture Design Competition are posted on the RBT’s website. This years design problem challenged students to come up with new and creative ways to light fitting rooms in a retail clothing setting. Special consideration was to be made for color rendering, glare, maintenance, and overall aesthetics. [...]

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Humanscale Element LED Task Light

Humanscale’s Element is a task luminaire designed by Mark McKenna. Output is said to be comparable to a 60 watt incandescent utilizing a single 7 watt LED lamp.  Aside from being one of the more attractive examples of the category, there are some notable features which sets this apart. The design seems to play opposite [...]

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Light Art

Extreme Light Art

Like Tetris?  How about light art?  Facade lighting? What would happen if you had the technical know-how and tons of free time to combine all three passions into a single project?  You’d probably end up with Mikontalo Lights above, a project  created by a group of students from Tampere University of Technology in Finland.  Each [...]

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Lighting and Sustainability

Recycling Used Lamps

There is a safe method for recycling mercury-containing lamps.  What you just witnessed in the video below is not it. Disposal of mercury-containing lamps is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) 40 CFR Part 273.  High-intensity discharge, linear and compact fluorescent lamps fall under this [...]

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LED Filaments

The incandescent lamp, scourge of environmentalists and maintenance people alike, has continuously been losing favor in many applications with the development of fluorescent, HID and more recently LED light sources. One area where the venerable lamp still holds strong is in decorative lighting. More specifically, applications such as chandeliers or pendants where the lamp is [...]

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From HiFi to WiFi…now, introducing LIFI

Yesterday I posted an entry about a MicroPlasma source from Eden Park Illumination.  In 2008, Luxim introduced a unique, electrodeless plasma source called LIFI (not to be confused with LFI, which is a lighting industry convention).  A trademark much like WiFi, LIFI is not an initialism so the individual letters do not stand for something.  [...]

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Microplasma Lamps

LED technology is rapidly improving.  If you are like many lighting professionals, you are excited about the progress being made by LED-based product developers.   At the same time, you are most likely sick and tired of trying to figure out which LED product is good and which ones to avoid.  Luckily for you, this post [...]

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